'Insatiable' Has Left Me Insatiable

No, I won't give the latest Netflix original Insatiable a chance. I don't care how stellar the episodes are compared to the trailer (I doubt they'll be any good).

The trailer shows Debby Ryan (*cough* washed up Disney star *cough*) in a fat suit. She's bullied relentlessly. There's a voice over in which she says the line: "While my classmates were losing their virginity, I was at home shoving another hole" while she ate food while watching TV. A few seconds later, she's not wearing the fat suit and she is ready to get revenge. Her personality shifts dramatically and she honestly seems like a complete bitch. 

This trailer was extremely harmful to me (and many of my friends). It made me feel slightly insecure even though I've spent so much time trying to love the skin I'm in. Why? Because when the character was fat, she wore a dress that looked identical to my favorite dress, the one I love and feel good in. I was alone on the third floor of Bracken and the sound of my chewing made me cringe. I can't imagine how harmful this show would have been to my younger self. 

Here are all the reasons why I won't be tuning in on August 10th: 

1.) The fat suit. 

In my opinion, they could've casted an actually fat girl who didn't have to lose weight. She couldn't gotten revenge while she was still overweight. I can't relate to Debby Ryan's character at all. The fat suit doesn't look realistic at all. 

2.) The shoving another hole line. 

WTF? That's all I have to say about that. 

3.) Fat people are not your punch line.

Screw you Netflix. 

4.) Her whole personality changed after becoming skinny. 

Why couldn't she stay the same? Why couldn't she be confident before losing weight?

5.) None of the cast / directors are listening to criticism. 

Wouldn't it be great if a TV show about a fat character were influenced by the opinions of actually fat people or at least sensitive to what they face on a daily basis? 

That's all I have to say about the show. Regardless of your opinion, I hope you are able to love the essence of your being and the body that carries it. 



Audrey Bowers