Do You Even Journalism?!

Today was an exciting day for me because I had orientation for summer staff at the Ball State Daily News. I may not be getting paid, but I am excited to get some hands on experience reporting and writing, rather than only writing for my column and copy-editing.

I wasn’t sure what to expect at orientation, but it ended up being better than what my anxiety told me to expect and left me ready to see what we could accomplish in the next several weeks.

The day started off with ice breakers and then we all went on a scavenger hunt, one in which I got super competitive, ran around a lot, heckled the other teams a lot, and made awkward faces for the photos we were supposed to take and post to twitter with the hashtag #DNsummerstaff.

The most unnerving parts of that experience were trying to find the book Dracula and being told to take off my backpack in the art museum (I didn’t because we didn’t stay in the actual museum for more than a few seconds).

After that, we went through some general Daily News policies and ate pizza. I made a news Twitter (@abowersnews) and then we continued the day with Jeopardy and going over the budget for the summer (the content we plan on producing).

I picked up a handful of stories and decided that I would meet my deadlines because that’s just who I am (or at least that’s who I want to be). At the end of the day, I was tired and refreshed at the same time, thinking something along the lines of: This summer’s going to be good.

Slowly, but surely, I am becoming a “real” journalist, even if all I will ever be is student journalist. Who knows, maybe I will surprise myself and make a career doing this type of work. *shrug*

Audrey Bowers